Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This week's comic expectations

Happy Election Day!


Yeah, I know, it's not so exciting. Unfortunately, that's not the bad news. The bad news is this week's comic books are almost as unexciting with just one "Blackest Night" book and (for as much as I can give a damn about them) No "Dark Reign" books. So what is there? Check out THIS LINK for the full list.

Care for an illustration on how slow it will be? Superman: World of New Krypton #9 is just about the biggest book out. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying just about everything from the Superverse lately, and Kal's ongoing troubles dealing with intergalactic politics is pretty strong of late. And yes, we're due for an update on Zod's condition and yes, it looks like we're in for an action-packed issue. It's just that this series is still very much working its way toward a climax and in no way is this a book we're all chomping at the bit for.

Oh well. There are other books to like this week from DC, just no Triple-A choice. Batman: The Unseen #3 of 5 and Batman: Widening Gyre #3 of 6 are both solid minis worth taking a look at. Cinderella from Fabletown with Love #1 of 6 is the beginning of a mini any "Fables" reader is going to be interested in. And if you enjoyed our heroic Chinese friends from "52," The Great Ten #1 of 10 could be a good choice for you.

Oh, and that "Blackest Night" tie-in I mentioned? It's only Doom Patrol #4, which definitely promises to be a fun ride from Keith Giffen & company, but if you're in the majority out there that knows very little of the "Doom Patrol's" universe, seeing ghosts from its past isn't going to do much for you.

All that said? The book I am most looking forward to is The Mighty #10 of 12, a maxi-series which has not let up on the gas pedal the last few issues as we're careening toward a conclusion. I know not many of you are reading this story, but I highly recommend it to any and everyone of you when it comes out in trade form.

I know what you're thinking right about now: "OK, DC fanboy, what about Marvel?"

Well, Marvel is equally quiet, with the lone exception of Captain America: Reborn #4 of 6. With Steve Rogers lost in time, Sharon Carter and Bucky are fighting to get their friend back to the land of the living. As many of you regular readers know, I've been a big fan of Ed Brubaker's run on "Cap" since the start. That said, am I the only one who feels like this mini is just one long drawn out conclusion? Of course Steve is going to be saved. At this point, I am only still interested in finding out where Bucky will stand in the future. Otherwise, I'd just as soon move on to reading more great stories from Brubaker about Bucky, Steve or anyone. Heck, I'd take a book staring Hydra Henchman #4 if it were a fresh storyline at this point.

So what else is there? Well, Astonishing X-Men #32 will look to make it two weeks in a row of not being horrible. Deathlok #1 of 7, Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1 of 4 and Psylocke #1 of 4 all begin mini-series with niche characters, so take your pick.

And...... that's it. Sad, huh? Oh well, at least I'll have time to get caught up on gaming. You know I haven't touched my Xbox 360 in five days? Sad, huh? Well, not as sad as what "Heroes" has become, but that's an entirely different story...