Friday, March 30, 2007

My take on Cap

So, there's something you should know before I give you my (late) take on the (late) Steve Rogers. I'm at the end of my rope with Marvel. I grew up in love with the characters, and I still am, but the lengthy pointlessness of Civil War has really made me fed up with Joey Q's sales-first attitude to define success.

Were all those issues and tie-ins really necessary? I know Marvel wanted to establish a new-world-order and all, but how long does it take? Poke fun at DC and Superboy's Universe-shattering punches, but it got the job done in a hurry, didn't it?

So when I heard Cap was going to bite the big one in the name of sales, I was not thrilled and was ready to jump ship.

BUT, when I finally read the issue -- Ed Brubaker does good work. He claims killing Cap was his plan in the long run anyway, and whether he is truthful saying that or not, he made all of this work for me.

Without giving too much away, I'm anticipating the solid character arc with Bucky to only become stronger now, I love the torn feelings he is portraying. And, I expect Brubaker's love for the character of Sharon to eventually culminate in her being the true hero in all of this.

What I'm not expecting is Steve Rogers to come back in the next three or four years. I blame Marvel. But guys like Brubaker are making it impossible for me to take too tough a stance against them. Cap #26 will still be in my buy pile.

Li'l Introduction

So, here's the deal.

A little under a year ago, the paper I work for, the Poughkeepsie Journal ( for those of you who didn't reach this page through a link on the site) decided it needed to provide its readers with video game coverage. They looked around for the only male under the age of 25 in the office and found me. Luckily for them, I've been gaming since the age of three. That is how the Saturday Gaming page was born (of which I am the editor).

A little under a week ago, the paper now decided that everyone in the building needed to be blogging about something. Well, nearly everyone... I don't think the guy that's been painting our stairwells has his own blog yet... yet... either way, I volunteered to once again offer my "male under the age of 25" expertise and write this blog -- the Gaming Geek blog.

What is this wonderful wonderful blog, you ask? Glad you asked. Gaming Geek is going to cover my two favorite subjects other than sports: video games and comic books. Every week I'll provide you with lists of which games are coming out in the week, which comics are coming out, and then offer my opinions on each. I'm a bit of a loudmouth and a hothead, so you'll hear plenty of those opinions.

And since I generally will not be buying every game that is released and generally don't read EVERY comic that is published (lots, but not every), I also am hoping that you readers out there can contribute your own opinions. That way, we can have discussions and I can tell you that your opinions that differ from mine are incorrect. I mean valid. Right, valid.

So welcome to the blog, and feel free to invite your friends... except your friend Jim. I hate that guy.