Thursday, June 4, 2009

NO Online Support for "New Super Mario Bros. Wii"

Check out THIS LINK to Kotaku for the most depressing news of the week — "New Super Mario Bros. Wii," a game which I was just as excited about as any at E3 — will NOT support Online play.

Keep in mind, this side-scrolling Mario game focuses on a mix of teamwork and competition. Four players can be on the screen for each level, and you both need each other to achieve certain tasks but are in competition with each other to get the most points.

This co-op heavy game will not have online support. Meaning, you're actually going to have to be in the same room with three other friends everything you want to get the most out of this game.

Speaking as someone who has a full-time job and gamerfriends who live as far as an hour and 45 minutes away, this is some horrible news.

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PaulC said...

This is not surprising, though disappointing. Nintendo STILL does not have a decent online strategy for the Wii or its games.