Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad: Gaming device?

So, it's finally official. Apple's iPad.

Ignoring most of its capabilities for a moment (this is a gaming blog, after all), my question hinges on Apple's assertion that this could be an online gaming juggernaut.

Obviously, given the growing success of the iPhone in the gaming world, Apple has some credibility to make these claims. My own brain won't let that credibility mesh with logic, though.

Here's my knee-jerk take: The iPhone works as a handheld gaming device because of it's size. It's just as convenient as a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, and the size allows the gamer to make use of the motion-sensing capabilities.

The iPad is just too big to be convenient as a portable gaming device. It's not big enough to be convenient as a mainstream gaming device, since the touchscreen surface cannot support both a touch keyboard and a big enough screen.

I don't know what kind of games can really be used on a device like this, since most of the games that work best on the iPhone would not gain anything by being larger. This strikes me as an instance when being in between two successful genres doesn't equate to being the best of both worlds.

Am I alone on this? I guess we'll all just have to wait to get our hands on it to make a final judgement.

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