Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Deadly Creatures,' the first of many games this year

As I said before, I was away from civilization for a few days. It was nice. Nicer than being around you people on the Internet. The only downside is, I have a pile of games to play and I had no time to get started on them.

That is, until Wednesday morning, when I got all of one hour of time (that's right, a whole hour!) with "Deadly Creatures" for Wii, a game I have been looking forward to getting my mitts on for a long, long time, if only for the unique protagonists of the game.

Unfortunately, I've obviously not played enough of this game to really discuss it with you all, but I did get a chance to play both a level with the tarantula (which you start off as) and a level with the scorpion. So while I won't get into any story spoilers yet, I will give a few thoughts:

1) I really like the mixture of talents between the two main characters. While the tarantula can go many more places than the scorpion can, the scorpion is a far more potent-feeling fighter, giving each character their bonuses.

2) While stabbing something with your stinger can be fun, the combat just doesn't feel natural in the early-going. This may improve, I don't know, but for now, the more complicated combinations of hitting and swinging the Wiimote don't feel as responsive as they could and consequently feel like a chore.

3) The early level designs are fun, and varied. Again, maybe I won't be able to call them varied after a few levels, but for now I am having a good time exploring. In fact, on a couple of occasions following the tarantula up and down walls has made me downright dizzy.

That's about it for now, but we'll have much more and a full review in days the come. Tonight I plan on putting in some more time with "Deadly Creatures," but only after breaking into my steaming-hot copy of "Halo Wars." Yeah, it's nice to be back in civilization.

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