Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This week's comicbook expectations

Sorry folks, it's going to be a slow week. HERE'S the full list, though there isn't much to see.

As sad as it is for a "Dark Reign" critic like me to admit, Dark Avengers #2 is probably the top book of the week. How's that for an illustration of how slow Wednesday will be? This issue will focus on the yet-to-be reveled Dark Avengers vs. Morgana Le Fay (Wait, from "Trinity?") and continue the overall mystery of who these people are, anyway.

The Marvel event I am more looking forward to is "War of Kings," and a couple of books this week pave the way to that. The first of those is, of course, X-Men: Kingbreaker #3, in which Vulcan is a little mad with power and looking to expand, even as Havok and Polaris have been sprung free. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how the Havok/Vulcan throwdown will go down, especially considering this mini is only a precursor to "War of Kings."

The other issue leading up to "WofK" which you may not have on your radar is Guardians of the Galaxy #10, featuring a massive Negative Zone melee led by Rocket Raccoon and Blastaar. If you're looking for the place to fill you in on the non-Shi'ar side of "WofK," this would be your place.

There are also a bushel of X-related books for you this week, from Uncanny X-Men #506 to X-Factor #40 to Young X-Men #3 and New Exiles #18, the series finale before a new Exiles book is launched soon.

And speaking of series finales, that brings us to DC's offering for the week, highlighted by a couple of Bat-Family finales in Robin #183 and Birds of Prey #127. Of the two, "Birds" is definitely the more intriguing title, as there is no official word of a new incarnation of the book on the horizon just yet. But since both lead into "Battle for the Cowl," Bat-fans should have both on their radar.

Supergirl #38 also drops this week, featuring the second part of the Superwoman mystery, and Justice League of America #30, the last issue before the fallout from "Final Crisis" takes effect, includes a battle with Starbreaker.

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