Thursday, March 12, 2009

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So, if you are wondering where the weekly "Expectations" post was, I was sick (again!) last night. Frankly, I am starting to think I'm dying. Or just gassy. Either way, the bigger question is, are any of you actually loyal enough readers to even realize when I miss posts?

Who knows?!?

Anyway, you probably didn't need me to tell you the top book this week is the long-awaited Battle for the Cowl #1. Unfortunately, the first issue of this three-part event was pretty underwhelming. While I certainly wouldn't call it a disaster or anything, the problem is that all Tony Daniel really does is set up the same old ground work we already have either read in the "Last Rites" books or heard at conventions -- Robin thinks someone needs to step into the Cowl, Nightwing doesn't, and some third party is going to step into the role in their indecision. Bring on issue #2, since this one really didn't do much of anything except paint Damien in a much more impotent light than ever before.

Action Comics #875 was a little more illuminating. But before I get to the actual issue, did you happen to notice the banner at the top of the cover? "World Without Superman"? Umm, DC, you kind of used that title already. At least this issue answers plenty of questions. It brings up more questions along the way, but at least we get those answers too. Yes, we do learn the identities of Nightwing and Flamebird (our popular guesses were half right), and yes, we learn why the duo has changed their costumes. What we don't know is who, exactly, these sleepers are, and more importantly, what is wrong with Nightwing? (I'm trying very hard not to spoil things for you all!) It all equates to an decent first of 12 issues from Greg Rucka.

Lastly, Green Lantern Corps. #34. And, I've said it before, I'll say it again, Patrick Gleason's art can completely ruin abook. From Sodam Yat looking like a crazied skeleton to Mongol and Arkillo's fight being just indecipherable to the unclear Red Lantern transportation toward the end, Gleason took an enormous story from Peter Tomasi and reduced it to a quick get in, get out reading experience. And really, in the GL Universe, can you get any bigger than Sodam Yat breaking out fromhis stoic exterior and showing off a beast within for the first time or can you get bigger than Mongol and Arkillo battling to the (near) death? And yet, the issue really had no impact on me. I blame Gleason.

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