Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This week's comic expectations

Hey Guys, this has to be a short one ...

Yes, I know, I only just returned from a lengthy absence and now I'm already cutting things short, but it's not my fault! Honest! If it makes you feel better, I've spent more time shooting video and editing it for poughkeepsiejournal.com in the last two days than I have sleeping. In fact, I think I've spent three-times as long on video than I have in bed.

Anyway, Check out the list of comic book releases HERE.

Obviously what immediately jumps off the page are the three "Blackest Night" books, with the mothership, "Green Lantern" and "Titans," all three of which have been out of this world and the later two have been required reading.

But there is more to love. "Superman: Secret Origins" was an instant classic from issue 1 last month, so I highly recommend #2 to any DC reader. Also in the Superman universe there is the first issue of the "World's Finest" mini to take a look at.

And don't forget the new issue of "Justice Society!" Is Mr. Terrific really dead?!? (doubt it).

And before we leave the realm of DC, the first issue of the "Arkham Reborn" mini is also out this week, so I'd be remiss if I didn't remind you of how strong the "Arkham" one-shot was during "Battle for the Cowl."

Marvel's got some books of interest this week too, though (Boy, suddenly this isn't such a quick post!), including two of the "Dark Reign: The List" titles of "Punisher" and "Wolverine."

And while there are plenty more "Avengers"-family books this month, I'd say all eyes for Marvel are on the "Necrosha" one-shot kicking off that highly controversial storyline. I wish Marvel would just admit to their thievery and be done with it, but oh well.

Whew! Back to video editing!

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