Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buy Pile Report: Cap

OK, so this week's Buy Pile Report is kind of odd, I admit it. For all the good good "Blackest Night" stuff, check out the previous post. There isn't much else to really bring attention to, with one main exception.

So, to sum things up quickly, Dark Avengers #7 was the third part of the "Utopia" crossover, with very little story advancement except for some painful times for Hank McCoy, Action Comics #879 continued to inch the story along, with yet another issue packed with fighting, and JSA vs. Kobra #2 featured more of the Justice Society chasing its own tail (although I have to say, I am really liking the potential of this six-part mini).

The only non-"Blackest Night" book this week that really deserves much coverage is Captain America #601 -- and that's NOT a good thing. I had hoped that, since "Captain America Reborn" was going to last a few months, we would get one or two more good story arcs featuring Captain Bucky before Steve Rogers returned to the scene and took back his series. What I read in this book dashed those hopes faster than you can say Pietro Maximoff.

I should have known immediately what kind of trouble I was in for when I read the disclaimer of "This story takes place during Civil War and before Captain America #25." Still, I was hoping Ed Brubaker had chosen to hold this hidden story for the right time, for right after we learn more about how Cap was, in fact, still alive. I was hoping this story was all part of Brubaker's master plan.

Not so.

Instead, what we got was a flashback story of Bucky telling Nick Fury about a time when he and Cap had to stop an outbreak of Vampires -- yes, Vampires -- in Nazi Germany. Apparently "Twilight" fever really has hit everywhere. The moral to this whole story was that killing a child Vampire scarred Bucky.

What was truly ridiculous (you know, other than the storyline) was that this issue, which began as a flashback to "Civil War," flashed back to World War II, and then flashed back within that flashback when Steve told a story. Three layers of flashbacks to tell a Vampire story!!!

So, apparently us readers are going to have to put up with crap like this until "Captain America Reborn" is finished. As if it wasn't bad enough that Marvel seems to be snatching Captain Bucky away from us before his prime, Marvel is now going to forcefeed crappy flashback comics on us until Steve Rogers is star-spangled again.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Ugh.

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