Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Spidey can't get a divorce but he can...

One of the horribly bad choices that led to the train wreck that was Spider-man's "One More Day," was Marvel's notion that Spider-man and Mary Jane getting a divorce would make him a horrible role model for children.

In fact, the whole idea behind getting rid of Peter's relationship with MJ was to de-age the character to better embody a heroic role-model who young readers can relate to.

So why, then, do I see THIS happening on the fourth page of "Amazing Spider-man #601?"

That's right, according to Marvel, divorce is morally wrong, but drunken sex out of wedlock (and, given Peter's state in this page, likely unprotected sex) is A-OK!

Is that really the image you want our younger readers to be relating to, Marvel? Let's take our hero out of a stable, healthy relationship with the woman he loves and turn him into a Spider-Ho. Good call. No, really, good call.

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