Saturday, July 4, 2009

Housekeeping: This week's games and comics

Hey kids, I'm hoping to get on here one more time before taking my vacation with a review of the game I've spent my nights playing lately, "Prototype," but just in case I have no more time to spend with you all for a little while, I figured you would need next week's news.

First off, your link for this week's new video games is HERE. Not much to speak of here, other than "The Bigs 2."

Second, your link to this week's new comic releases is HERE. Books to be excited about include "Green Lantern #43" (The direct prologue to "Blackest Night"!) and "Wednesday Comics #1" (if only for curiosity's sake).

So yeah, either you'll be hearing about "Prototype" on Sunday or after a week of my vacation. I would tell you where I am heading, but I just know you all would try and follow. Frankly, a guy can only sign so many autographs. And only be so delusional.

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