Friday, July 31, 2009

Marvel's Blackest Night

Not a dream! Not an illusion! The Dead Shall Rise!

Oh wait...

Get a load of THIS LINK to a Newsarama interview announcing "Necrosha," a crossover between "X-Force," "New Mutants" and "X-Men: Legacy" in which X-Villain Selene uses the Transmode virus to reanimate the corpses of plenty of dead mutants, namely those in Genosha.

Yes, a 2009 event in which The Dead Shall Rise.

I'll spare you a diatribe on cheap knock-offs. That should be obvious.

My indignation is directed at Newsarama itself, a site I frequent as much as most of the rest of you... 10 questions were asked in that interview. Zero included the words "Blackest Night." One question involves the words "the skies over mutant-kind seem to be getting darker and darker..." as if this was all obviously an original idea.

Well I'm calling you out, Newsarama and namely interviewer Steve Ekstrom, from one Journalist to another, you just made yourself look like a shill.

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C-Train said...

Hell yeah!!! this kicks a$$!! I am so excited about Blackest Night!!! Its what GL fans have bben waiting for!!!!!!