Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Proof most of you people have no taste, which is why DC is doomed

I think the title of this post is enough of a setup for this:

Sales Numbers for June:
1) Secret Invasion #3 (175,649)
2) Ultimate Origins #1 (136,351)
3) Final Crisis #2 (126,020)

So, not only did "Final Crisis" lose to "Secret Invasion," but it lost to "Ultimate Origins," a crappilly conceived story conjured by Brian Bendis because he likes to make his own ideas look better in hindsight. This is a story idea so pointless, unnecessary and capitalist on Marvel's part that I flat out boycotted it.

And yet, over 10,000 of you bought this and didn't buy "Final Crisis #2."

No wonder DC had to delay "Final Crisis #3" to a day when Marvel wasn't putting out much. You know, except for "Ultimate Origins #3," which nobody SHOULD BE buying anyway.

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