Tuesday, August 5, 2008

'X-Men,' 'Flash' news

Gotta love Comicbookresources, namely THIS LINK, which has two juicy bits of news:

1) Matt Fraction will soon be the soul writer on "Uncanny X-Men," a move was pretty easy to see coming after Marvel gave Ed Brubaker a co-writer a couple of months ago. While Brubaker's first 12-part space saga was an admitted disaster and the subsequent stories seemed stuck in a pre-"Messiah CompleX" rut, I didn't mind his few issues in between that event and "Uncanny X-Men #500," so I find myself disappointed that he is on the way out.

2) Geoff Johns and artist Francis Manapul were recently heard discussing Bart Allen, a character who's return I called months ago and has since been hinted at returning in Johns' upcoming "Legion of Three Worlds" story. Could this mean that after Johns' "Flash: Rebirth" mini-series, he may be helming the new "Flash" title, which features all four Flashes in action?

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