Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trinity's Sales numbers

OK, normally I rarely mention sales and today this is the second post on sales already — so sue me. This is interesting stuff, so don't fall asleep remembering your freshman economics class.

I wondered how "Trinity" would sell out of the gates, seeing as this series has a limited fanbase to draw from (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman fans) and the fact that it followed an admitted disaster "Countdown to Final Crisis."

Well, in it's first month, these were the figures for "Trinity" — Issue #1 sold 70,400 copies. Issue #2 sold 63,565 copies. Issue #3 sold 60,949 copies. Issue #4 sold 58,729 copies.

See a trend forming? That's right, a dropoff of nearly 12,000 copies between issue 1 and 4. That's severe.

But, it gets worse when you consider that in "Countdown to Final Crisis'" final month, the book averaged 65,000 copies, after debuting in its first issue at 91,057 copies and averaging just under 80,000 copies sold for the first couple of months.

That's right, "Countdown," at its very lowest readership, did better than "Trinity's" SECOND ISSUE and far better than the current sales.

"Countdown to Final Crisis" was an inferior product, it's true, but readers vote with their wallets, and right now "Trinity" is getting even less support than its older crappier weekly counterpart ever did.

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