Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This week's comic expectations

As I just said in the last post, there isn't that much that jumps off the page this week other than Final Crisis #3, and I really shouldn't have to tell you to buy the issue, what with Barry Allen's return and pig-face Wonder Woman and Darkseid supposedly making his move here, so we're not even going to talk about how Batman was just captured or the Daily Planet has blown up.

Instead, I'm going to point out a few issues that may not be on your radar, but should be.

First, there are three "Batman R.I.P." tie-ins this week, but only one of them worth the time of a non-hardcore Gotham man. Detective Comics #847 claims to tie-in Hush's current plans to Thomas Wayne, but I don't buy it as being pertinent to Grant Morrison's story. Nightwing #147 also calls itself a tie-in, but will only be dealing with Dick and Two Face. The tie-in to buy is Robin #176. Tim is hot on the trail of finding where Batman has gone, and along the way he's using every tool and trick he's learned in his young detective life. From last issue, it seems Tim Drake is being groomed to take over the cape-and-cowl.

On a lighter note, Hulk #5 may be a fun romp. You know how we have a red Hulk and a green hulk fighting it out right now? Well, it seems Thor is getting his shiny-helmeted ass involved in this scuffle too. I don't think this issue will be pertinent to anything else ever going on in the future -- but when is it not fun to see Thor and Hulk fighting, let alone Thor and two Hulks?

Speaking of Marvel, I implore you all -- don't buy Venom: Dark Origin #1. For some reason, Marvel has felt the need to flood the market with crappy mini-series about characters that we know all we need to know about, and they do this by adding convoluted details to already full origin stories. Do we need any more on Venom's origin? No. So don't encourage them!

However, Cable #6 is one book you should buy, and keep buying. While Nathan Summers himself has jumped farther into the future, leaving Bishop in his dust, back in the present, Cyclops is evaluating the decision to let Cable go it alone with the kid. And frankly, with the writing of Scott Summers lately, historically one of the most sensible characters out there but lately one of the most impetuous, Cyclops could do ANYTHING in this double-sized issue. If you are at all a fan of the X-Men mythos, this book could impact a good deal of the mutant future.

Finally, and I know literally nothing about this book since it stunk in the first few issues, in the interest of letting you in on off the radar books, Infinity Inc. #12 not only wraps up the book's run, but also features a sub-plot with the Dark Side Club. If you enjoyed the Club's brief appearance in "Final Crisis" or the larger appearance in "Teen Titans," then this book may be worth a look.

Now that we've handled the off the radar books, meet me here Wednesday for a deep discussion of the on the radar "Final Crisis."

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