Sunday, December 7, 2008

Heroes Report (finally): The Eclipse Part 2

I haven't had very much time this week (as the tardiness of this post shows), but what I really wanted to do for this post is go into Microsoft Paint and put together a little image of Hiro on a motorcycle jumping over a shark tank.

You get what I mean.

As if this third season has not been shaky enough, I believe television historians (yes, they exist) will look back on this past Monday's episode of "Heroes" as the classic "Jump the Shark" moment.

Honestly, folks, Seth Green and Brecken Meyer as comic book geeks guiding Hiro on his way? Is this honestly what we've come to? Two comic book shop workers reading "9th Wonders" to tell the audience that powers will return at the end of the eclipse? Really?

I mean, it's bad enough that these plot-device issues of "9th Wonders" should not exist, and it's even worse that somehow This Issue is suddenly the new last issue of the series and there's this ridiculous storyline of finding this bike messenger, that's bad enough, but did these writers honestly felt the need to pander to the fanboys out there with this comic book shop meta-moment instead of moving the plot along in a meaningful manner?

Look down, Hiro, there's a shark below!

And on the topic of bad writing, for the sake of argument, let's go along with the idea that eclipses cause powers, and let's go along with the idea eclipses can likewise take away powers, and let's even go along with the idea that an eclipse can happen simultaneously everywhere on the planet... you're trying to tell me in all these years of people having powers, they've never noticed they are powerless during eclipses? What about Adam Monroe? The guy shriveled to dust as soon as Daddy Petrelli took his powers... shouldn't Monroe have turned to dust at the first eclipse after he turned the age of, oh, 200 or so?

If you shut your brain off this week, there were certainly some fun moments. Unfortunately, upon ANY examination, these moments don't hold up.

1) Bennett had a kill shot on Sylar at the end of last episode, and instead he apparently watched Sylar and Elle do the deed before taking his shot? And when Bennett finally did kill Sylar, he didn't cut out the back of his head (the only truly vulnerable part on a healer)?

2) The whole Sylar killing his girlfriend Elle bit was cool and all, but she had YET ANOTHER change of personality right before that, trying to tell him he could be a good guy again. Wasn't she just encouraging him to be bad?

3) Sure, the idea of Claire having no immune system is cool, but since she supposedly got her powers from the eclipse, shouldn't she have built up like 17 years of an immune system before the eclipse?

4) Peter takes a gun and looks like a pro... with what experience, exactly? Isn't he a nurse?

5) Nathan watches a man with powers turn a country into slaves... he then decides the only answer to the world's problems is giving more people powers. I like the whole idea of him being used by people left and right, but he's not THAT STUPID.

And now this coming Monday's episode is being touted as the major climax. Of What? If anybody would like to give me an answer, be my guest, because right now I feel like there has been absolutely no cohesive build up to anything worth paying off in this supposed big important episode.

I may be done with this show very very soon, and I don't think I'm the only one, if my Shark friend has anything to say about it.

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