Thursday, December 4, 2008

This week's comic book release list

OK, it's been another monster week for me, so I apologize again for being tardy and uninformative. I promise, starting tomorrow (it's Wednesday night at 3 a.m. right now), I will get back on the ball with not only the Buy Pile Report, but also the tardy Heroes Report (come on, with as horrible an episode as we got on Monday, could I not weigh in?).

For now, check on THIS LINK to the list of this week's comic book releases.

Here are the Highlights:

1) Batman #682: The Beginning of "Batman Last Rites" ... don't you need an explanation as much as I do?

2) Justice Society #21: The penultimate issue of the "Kingdom Come" sequel. Will the JSA worship GOG?!?

3) Secret Invasion #8: The big throwdown finishes, but who will survive? And, will the skrulls stay on Earth for the foreseeable future?

4) X-Infernus #1: My favorite crossover of all-time gets the sequel treatment 20 years later. I didn't need to read the horrible 14-page preview online a few days ago to know I am VERY uncertain about this one ... still can't turn away, though.

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