Sunday, December 7, 2008


CLICK THIS LINK to go to and see the new upcoming innovative game from 5th Cell (the company where, to my knowledge, Our Lady of Lourdes graduate Steve Chiavelli works).

It's called "Scribblenauts," and where 5th Cell's previous title "Drawn to Life" invites players to drawn their own characters and vehicles, this game supposedly will let us write down any tool we can think of to solve a problem, and the tool will come to our player.

In the trailer, the examples shown range from using a ladder to get a star out of a tree to using a Beaver to cut the tree down to using a donut to lure a cop to get the star down for you.

How cool does this sound (in theory)? The game is set for a Fall 2009 release.

I e-mailed Chiavelli tonight and I'm hoping that he A) Is working on this game and B) can give us an inside interview. We'll see!

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