Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Johns leaving 'Justice Society'

You've likely heard by now, but it does bear repeating, Geoff Johns is leaving "Justice Society" after issue #26. I just read a good blog post on Newsarama's site basically eulogizing Johns' time with the team and his career as a whole. HERE'S A LINK TO IT.

I'm actually pretty broken up about the change, and yes, I do feel like a fanboy for admitting it. Since I was little, the Justice Society has always been my favorite DC team. I think it began with me thinking Jay Garrick's helmet was hilarious, but as my maturity as a reader evolved, so did my understanding of exactly what the JSA means to the DC Universe, and what it means in the mainstream world. Because, just as the team's role is to help along young heroes in the DCU, I cannot think of a team better suited for teaching a young reader about human heroism than the JSA.

No writer has ever understood that purpose like Johns, and because of it, no writer has understood how to best put all their pieces together and create heartfelt stories for the team like Johns. I'm just hoping Johns' time with the team has taught whoever is taking over writing duties what the JSA is all about, because we all need a team like the JSA to brighten the endless sea of "Anti-Life"/"Who can you trust?"/"Who raped Sue Dibney?" flooding the market.

Anyway, that's enough fanboy ranting from me. As always, we'll see what happens and go from there. Here's hoping this isn't another Warren Ellis/Simone Bianchi/"Astonishing X-Men" situation.

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