Wednesday, January 7, 2009

120 runs in one inning

I have a pile of new games still leftover from the big annual fall game explosion just waiting to be played. However, I've been too sidetracked to play any of them.

Instead, I've been playing my Nintendo, which I just took apart and fixed and is now working beautifully, and namely I've been playing my original baseball game, "Major League Baseball."

Why do I bother telling you this? Because tonight I climbed the Mount Everest of achievements in that game.

Three home runs to lead off the game and five in the first inning overall. A 32-run fifth inning. A 20-run sixth inning. All leading up to a total 120 runs in the game on 127 hits.

I've always wondered what would happen on the scoreboard when I passed 99 runs, and just as I expected in true Nintendo fashion, my score reset to zero.

Yes, I know, I'm amazing.

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