Sunday, January 11, 2009

Game along with the Geek: The Price is Right?!?

I remember back a few years ago, a snow day meant nothing but video games for me. Heck, the last time I beat "Super Mario Bros. 3" was on a snow day three or four years ago when my younger sister told me she had never seen the game beaten. Well, she as Luigi and me as Mario beat that sucker with snow covering our town.

However, this time the snow last night meant I could not get home, which meant no progress on "Tomb Raider: Underworld" for me. I'll be playing again tonight, with a report Monday afternoon.

Instead, I got in some quality time with my trusty Nintendo DS while hanging in the Econolodge last night, playing "The Price is Right."

Yes, I spun the wheel, I bid on Contestants' Row, I even dropped a few Plinko disks.

Unfortunately, I was left kind of annoyed at the goofy title, which I was kind of looking forward to playing. Here's a quick break down of my thoughts, since I'm not feeling paragraph form at the moment:

- Plinko is irresistible.
- Cliffhanger includes authentic music, which I've now decided needs to become my Ring Tone.
- There is a decent variety of pricing games.

- Bidding One Dollar does NOT WORK. It seems your three fellow contestants on Contestants' Row will always bid one ridiculously high, one slightly lower, and one very much lower, which means all you have to do to make it on stage is bid just above the very much lower contestant. However, bidding one dollar does not work. What are us jerks to do?
- No Bob Barker or Drew Carey. OK, I could care less if Drew Carey was there, I wanted Bob, and no luck. Don't we all want to use our stylus pen to kiss Bob's cheek?
- The prices themselves are a little wonky. I was supposed to bid on a package of Chips Ahoy cookies, so I entered $2.59. The actual retail price of that item was $0.56. FIFTY-SIX CENTS for a pack of cookies?!? I know "The Price is Right" has been on the air for a long time, but the game did not have to use the prices from the show's debut year. Wherever those game developers are shopping, I want to go there.

As you can see, the bad out-weighs the good. Such a disappointment.

What good is a "Price is Right" game without accurate pricing games? It's like peeing in the dark, friends. Peeing in the dark.

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