Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day for Comics?!?

I guess I now know what "Final Crisis" truly means. DC was talking about the snow hitting the mid-Hudson Valley today.

Am I the only one experiencing this "Crisis" right now? Both of my area comic shop options, Upstate Comics in Freedom Plains and The Dragon's Den in Poughkeepsie, are CLOSED due to the snow.

I'm not sure about Alternaverse in Salt Point, I've never been there, but I was getting into the office late enough so I cannot swing by there anyway.

Whatever happened to "Nor rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night will keep this guy from his appointed rounds?" Wait, that's the post office. And it's a horrible paraphrase. The comic shop owner code probably includes the phrase "In brightest day..."

So, "Final Crisis #7" is going to have to hold on for one more day. No word on if Wilson Philips will be performing.

And right now, I'm pretty cheesed off about it, only because tonight is going to be a VERY SLOW night for me here in Poughkeepsie Journal central. With the snow, the high school games have been canceled so the phones won't be ringing. Meaning, I would have had BUCKETS OF TIME to read the comics I was supposed to be purchasing today.

Adding insult to injury, Newsarama has the first part of their Grant Morrison "Final Crisis" exit interview available at THIS LINK. I spotted it this morning and get excited to read it as soon as I finished "Final Crisis #7." Guess that will happen tomorrow, huh?

In fact, 75% of the Web sites I go to when I need to kill time are likely to have some sort of spoilers on this week's releases, meaning tonight will be a very very boring night for me. Thank God for Duke basketball.

If this isn't what DC meant by "Final Crisis," I don't know what they could have meant.

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