Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This week's comic book expectations

It's another big week for DC, as the fall "Final Crisis" delay continues to payoff on the back end. HERE'S THE LINK to the full release list for the week.

Perhaps I've just been turned off too much by Marvel in the past year or so, but there's only really one title from "The House of Ideas" that interests me this week, X-Infernus #2, which continues the "sequel" to 1988 crossover "Inferno." If you missed part one, you didn't miss much, other than Illyana showing up in the X-base. Still, given the greatness of "Inferno," here's hoping this series picks up.

Everything else worth caring about this week is from DC, namely Final Crisis #6. In case you forgot, when last we left Grant Morrison's epic (or at least wannabe epic), Darkseid had just been reborn and gave the 'ole failing grade to all of humanity. Still, the heroes have several vestiges of hope still left, from Mr. Terriffic's plan for the OMACs, the Flashes' still unknown plans, Superman's inter-dimensional adventure (which, it seems like this issue happens AFTER next week's "Superman: Beyond #2"), and, oh, did I mention Batman had just knocked around his captors a little in a recent "Batman" issue?

Speaking of the Caped Crusader, remember this is the issue that tells us the final fate of Bruce Wayne, officially finishing off the whole "Batman R.I.P." thing, although I really don't see how the two storylines mesh together. I guess we'll find out here. I'm also hoping we get to see Darkseid do a little hands-on damage, especially since we still have yet to see the true big baddie of this series, and the mystery villain will need some screentime of his own in the final issue.

Another big one from DC this week is Action Comics #873, the finale of the 10-part "New Krypton" story, although it would seem this arc has a long way to go before it's truly over. Frankly, other than boosting sales numbers, I don't quite see why this needed to be an "arc" onto itself rather than just the beginning of the long-running story it is. The Kryptonians are pissed and Supergirl's Mom is a nutbad. Supergirl herself is more confused than ever, and Earth's mightiest heroes are looking to put the citizens of Kandor back in their place. And, oh yeah, the U.S. Government is still behind the scenes pulling strings.

Frankly, at this point, if all the threads in "New Krypton" are wrapped up in this issue, I would be disappointed. Instead, this seems to simply be the opening verse of one long song which, if the information I've heard is accurate, will lead to Superman & Co. leaving Earth for a while.

The third and final Class-A DC title this week is Green Lantern #32, concluding the Lantern's lengthy battle with the surprisingly crafty "Kryb," creator of orphans and stealer of babies. It's all come down to Kyle Rayner, Mr. Torch-Bearer himself, and while something tells me he will come out on top, this little story has been so good the predictable ending is alright with me. Obviously, this issue is also continuing the road to "Blackest Night," and Mongol will be making a major appearance.

Well, "American Pie" on "Encore" is almost over, so it's time for me to say goodnight. Enjoy the week, meet me back here tomorrow for a "Final Crisis" report.

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