Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This week's comic book expectations

Last week was one of the deepest and best weeks in comic land in recent memory. This week.... not so much. HERE'S the full release list.

As you can see, sparse pickings. It seems both major companies are taking a week off from their respective big events, which puts you readers in a situation where you can either save up that pocket money or take a chance on something that hasn't been promoted like mad.

If you're a DC fan, here's a few titles you may want to pick up:

Faces of Evil: Grundy #1: For those of you who think Solomon Grundy is nothing more than that guy who speaks in the third-person on the "Super Friends" cartoon, this one-shot will detail the immortal villain's history and powers. Dying and coming back all the time isn't easy, after all. While Geoff Johns' name is attached to this book, it's mostly the work or writer/artist Scott Kolins, who has a real passion for the character and does do good work.

Black Lightning: Year One #1: Is it just me, or is Jefferson Pierce getting a major push from DC editorial lately? Either way, these "Year One" titles are very hit-and-miss. While the brand started strong, recently series like "Metamorpho: Year One" have definitely left some sour taste. All the same, this is one major hero I would bet most don't know the backstory of, so maybe pick this first of six issues up and learn a thing or two.

For Marvel fans, here are some suggestions, including one issue I am very excited for:

Cable #10: If you haven't been reading this series, you're missing out. Bishop is one crafty sonvabitch and he's using that big ole' brain of his to simultaneously create a headache for the present-day X-Men and Cable in the future. This issue concludes the current storyline, and hopefully brings a little bit of resolution to this Bishop-Cable cat-and-mouse game for a while, or at least until the "Messiah War" storyline comes up in a few months.

Punisher #1: I'm enjoying how Marvel is doing a better and better job of including Frank Castle in its regular universe, and with "Dark Reign" starting up, it's time for the Punisher to get in the game. In this new series, Castle has gone (back) off the grid and it seems he's no fan of Osborne's new regime.

......OK, I lied. There is one semi-big deal going on after all this week. The "War of Kings" is breaking out. Unfortunately, with the timing and lack of promotion for it, I don't think Marvel is going to make this event as great as it could be. I'm also wondering why this event is going down at the same time as the "X-Men: Kingbreaker" event. After all, pitting the major extraterrestrial leaders against each other in an all-out war should be a big deal, right?

Anyway, Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1 kicks off the whole shebang this week. If you're wondering how "Secret Invasion" ties in then clearly you're forgetting what the Skrulls did with Black Bolt. The Inhumans are no bigger fans of the Skrulls than the humans are lately. Also, don't forget that for FREE this week -- Yes, FREE -- you can pick up War of Kings Saga #1 to catch you up on all that has gone on.

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