Wednesday, August 19, 2009

'Fable III' announced!

Well, the long part of my week actually just ended. And it just so happens that the first news I read after my long week ended was cause to celebrate:

"Fable III" was announced today, with a release date of late 2010 (which likely means summer 2011, but beggars and chooser, you know?).

Check out THIS LINK to for more news and descriptions of what to expect out of the threequel.

Two things of note here:
1) "Fable III" will begin by reading your "Fable II" game save, so you're going to want to really have the sequel mastered by the time you pop in the new game.
2) Unlike previous installments of the series in which you played a fledgling adventurer looking to make a name for himself, this time around you become ruler of all of Albion. BAM! It could be an awesome change, or it could make the game much too much of a resource allocator like some hospital management game. Still, it's something to anticipate.

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