Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This week's video game releases

I'm a little late with THIS LINK to this week's video game release list. I was busy playing "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10" for the better part of the last 24 hours ... which, by the way, I shot a 59 on my first full round playing Baniff Springs. I also downloaded yet another course, Cog Hill (on sale this week for 33% off, which makes it $5), but you can find my thoughts on that HERE.

Anyway, it doesn't take a genius to know this week "Madden" is the word, out at midnight on Thursday night. It does take a genius to figure out why ESPN insists on calling their Thursday night preseason Super Bowl rematch, which is a promotional tie-in to the "Madden" launch, the premiere of their "Monday Night Football" season. But I digress.

If "Madden" isn't your thing — or if you just wonder if this year's game is enough of a step up from last year's to drop another $60 — other releases are pretty bare, but include a promising first-person shooter for the DS called "C.O.R.E.," and a Namco/Bandai Wii exercise game (yes another one) called "Active Life: Extreme Challenge," which includes base jumping. Yes, Base jumping. If there is one activity I doubt the Wii can replicate, it's base jumping.

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