Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finally, a complaint about "Arkham Asylum"

After 12 and a half hours of gameplay, I finally have a single complaint about "Batman: Arkham Asylum." As I said last night, I can pick nits, but in terms of big complaints, this game has me giddy.

But finally, I have one. My angry little heart is almost happy that I finally have a complaint. Just before I had to shut off the Xbox and head into work, The COOLEST cinematic yet began playing. Literally, my jaw dropped. The only problem is, without warning, it stopped being a cinematic and I was dead. If I get the chance to do it again, I will sure as shoot be ready for it next time ... the only problem is, I won't get a next time.

As I said, I had to go into work. So instead of choosing "Retry," or doing what I normally do, which is just hold the power button on my controller, I (for some God awful reason) chose "Quit," which did not take me to the title screen, it took me to a graveyard I'd never seen before.

So there you go, my complaint, "Quit" made me miss something (which I will probably see once I play through the game again very soon).

I'm telling you, though, this game is THAT good.

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