Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stride aims to "Save The Arcades"

Get a load of this press release sent over the AP Wire by the makers of Stride gum. Keep in mind, they wrote this, not an AP writer.
With classic video game arcades facing the ultimate "game over", the makers of STRIDE, The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum , want to do everything they can to help keep the elbows bumping and quarters flowing. Enter Save the Arcades — a nationwide campaign to stop the disappearance of this beloved and endangered form of gaming.
Last week, STRIDE discovered that a Philadelphia-area arcade called Challenge Arcade was within days of closing down, so they decided to help. By providing $10,000, STRIDE ensured that Challenge will stay in business and continue to offer gaming goodness, world record events and tournaments to the community.
"What a wonderful gesture!" said Joe LeVan, Owner, Challenge Arcade. "I can’t say enough good things about the folks at STRIDE who helped me stay afloat during this difficult time."
"Well, we couldn’t launch ’Save the Arcades’ without actually saving an arcade!" said Gary Osifchin, Marketing Director, STRIDE. "Now that Challenge Arcade is safe, we’ve identified four other arcades that deserve a long lasting existence, and we’re asking everyone who cares about gaming to help preserve this long lasting tradition and keep those quarters rolling in."
STRIDE is inviting gaming enthusiasts everywhere to join the movement to save the arcades by choosing the next arcade to receive some financial support.
Now, I really like the idea behind this ad campaign (and yes, don't fool yourselves, for as good as the cause is, it's still an ad campaign), but there are two just horrendously funny things here:

1) The quote from Challenge Arcade's owner. You're trying to tell me that wasn't written by a PR guy? If someone gives you $10,000 and saves your business, I doubt if you would use the phrase "What a Wonderful Gesture!" Far more sincere would be "Holy eff'n Cr@p man!"

2) The marketing director just happens to slip in Stride's catch phrase into his mission statement. "... we’ve identified four other arcades that deserve a long lasting existence ..." Really, Gary? A "Long Lasting Experience?" Where ever did you derive your choice of words from?

Still, since the campaign seems like it could do some good for some people, I'll tell you to visit www.savethearcades.com for more info.

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