Monday, August 31, 2009

Mickey Mouse buys Peter Parker

Have you heard the news? Disney is buying Marvel for $4 Billion in cash and stock.

Given how ludicrous that statement seems, I'll pause for those who just heard.


OK, feel better? Newsarama has already talked to several people 'In the Know' and slapped together a decent reaction story at THIS LINK, so check it out.

This is already one of those 'Internet cracked in half' moments, with every fanboy out there needing to run his mouth about how horrible a move this is or how wonderful. Personally, I have no opinion whatsoever, other than simply surprise, since NOBODY knows what this will mean for any of the parties involved. More than likely, the changes will be minimal. I mean. Joey Q is keeping his job. And Marvel's movie-rights deals are going to have to be honored. Really, the most pressing concern in the comic book world should be the status of Boom! Entertainment's many strong Disney titles.

This is a wait and see sort of deal. Still, this merger is very surprising, and something to keep an eye on over the next few years and beyond.

If I could have one and only one wish, though, I have to admit a Pixar X-Men movie would be just about the greatest thing since the Chipwich...

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