Friday, November 28, 2008

DC Without Superman and Batman

I don't know where I've been that I missed this, but apparently it's already common knowledge that 2009 in DC will feature a World Without a Superman. Apparently, that will be the title of James Robinson's stories in "Superman," while Geoff Johns is off of "Action Comics," which will feature Flamebird and Nightwing. It's all HERE in this Newsarama interview.

And remember, with the happenings of "Batman R.I.P." and "Final Crisis," DC is also going to be without Bruce Wayne for some time.

Here's my question: Is DC happy with being second in sales?

The Superman world had just become relevant — and even good — again. Johns' "Action" was a must-read book every month, James Robinson brought another big name to "Superman," and the inclusion of "Supergirl" into that world had even made Kara relevant for really the first time. And now DC is turning the world on its ear.

The Batman world shakeup felt organic. Granted, I wasn't the biggest fan of "R.I.P.," but Robin, Nightwing and Spoiler were all put into the necessary places for the next steps, and I find myself excited for the "Battle of the Cowl" story. I don't know, maybe when "New Krypton" is over, Clark Kent's absence will feel organic as well, but for now, it feels out of left field.

But the bigger problem here is, does DC really want two of their three heavy hitters out of the picture while the company trails Marvel by such a margin? These upcoming tales of the DC Universe without Supes and Bats may be fantastic, I'm all for going along for a ride, but from a sales standpoint, how many casual fans are going to pickup a Superman book without Superman, or a Batman book without Bruce Wayne?

I give DC credit for pursuing good stories, I just don't think DC necessarily needed these changes to tell good stories, and I don't think it will translate to sales.

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