Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heroes Report on 'The Eclipse: Part 1'

I am back from quite the busy week. I apologize for neglecting this blog so much, but I figured it would be a good time to get back into the groove of things now that I just got a chance to watch Monday night's new episode of "Heroes."

Unfortunately, though, I am getting to the point where I don't know if anyone or anything can save this show. I say this because there was definitely excitement to be had here. Parts of it were downright entertaining. But, it was all wrapped in a grossly ill-conceived package.

For starters, since I haven't had a chance to get on here and rant about it, since when did the Eclipse give these people their powers? I'll tell you when -- when they PROMOTED IT on a COMMERCIAL. Now, for a while now I've felt that was bad enough, to spoil a MAJOR plot point with a commercial, but I've since realized there is a worse infraction to be seen here... how, exactly would an eclipse do this? And how can an eclipse magically take away something it magically granted? Even if you buy that "eclipse as a catalyst" stuff, how can a catalyst also be a cure?

And I'm not the only one wondering this. Get a load of THIS BLOG POST from director/producer Greg Beeman's official blog:

In real life there would never be a full eclipse visible from all these places on Earth at the same time. Eclipses also never last for this kind of duration. (Hey – I’m dubious about the whole premise that the eclipse would take our Heroes powers away at all. I don’t think the Pilot’s eclipse gave powers… But others disagreed and that ship had sailed.)

Even he realizes his show isn't making sense anymore!!!

Frankly, I'm just starting to think this whole "taking away powers" thing was just an elaborate way to remove Mohinder's scales. He's in a cocoon one minute, naked the next, and -- BAM -- he's a pretty boy again! Does anything set up in the first episode make sense anymore?

That doesn't even begin to go into how LAZY this whole Elle/Sylar pairing is. "Oh no, they've always had this connection, since we just showed you the past. See, that's the past, there they are together, it makes sense." And what the hell is up with her trying to make him good, then she's making him bad, then she's begging his forgiveness, now she wants to be Bonnie to his Clyde? Way to RUIN Elle, a great character set up in season two as actually being three-dimensional. And now Sylar is back to being Mr. Bad Guy? After he was a Momma's boy and Daddy's little man he's neither again? What the hell is going on from week to week???

That said, I did enjoy the Parkman/Daphne segments this week. It was nice to see him first overuse his powers to go into her head for info, and then struggle to do a basic human thing like fight for a girl without the use of his powers. And her past is one of the best ideas this show has had this year. It was almost made up for the fact that she just met this guy and she's acting like he's the most pivotal part of her life.

And while that great writing was being acted out, we go back to crap with Ando and Hiro. While I've kind of liked this whole "Hiro as a child" thing, I really want to know where they are finding these new issues of "9th Wonders." Since when is Issac alive? The writers couldn't have thought of a better way for Hiro and Ando to see the future? Oh, and did we really need cameos from Seth Green and Brecken Meyer? (Though I did love the "Freshmen" T-Shirt on Meyer...)

Meanwhile, Peter and Nathan were off in the jungle acting like they aren't constantly sacrificing themselves for each other... why? And if that idea wasn't annoying enough, I just want to know how Nathan planned on getting the Haitian back to New York...

And was I the only one who felt like that scene between Claire and HRG just fell flat seeing as all us fans have been wondering why the hell Claire, who was so close with HRG in Season One, kept acting like an irrational brat? It was a nice scene and all, but I never felt like she should have been mad at him, so I didn't feel a need for their reconciliation.

It all led up to that final cliff-hanging scene, which would have been awesome if anything was actually going to come of it. But, "Heroes" has a HORRIBLE track record for killing off popular characters, so I sincerely doubt Sylar is going to die there. More likely, I'd guess HRG fails to pull the trigger.

Either way, I'm starting to lose any hope this show will get any better, ever. Even in this episode with so much excitement, there were just TOO MANY problems to get around.

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