Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Town of Batman suing "Batman"

So... apparently there's a town in Turkey named Batman. Who knew?

This town has decided to sue Warner Bros. and director Christopher Nolan over recent film "The Dark Knight." Believe it or not, this is not a prank. Check THIS LINK to Variety to see the whole story.

I think the part I like most about this story isn't the fact that this town could have been suing Bob Kane for the last 70 years, or the fact that this town could have been suing DC at any point during that time, it's the fact that "The Dark Knight" is a SEQUEL! They're not suing over "Batman Begins," a movie that actually uses the word "Batman" in the title, they're suing over the ultra-successful sequel. Money hungry any?

And the part I like second most about this story is, apparently the King of Turkey (or President or Premiere or Emperor, or Grand Pooba, or whatever Turkey has), apparently let his eight-year-old son name a city. Were my Dad to let me name a city when I was eight, the city would have been named Grimlock — you know, the King of the Dinobots?

Learn more about the Turkish City of Batman HERE.

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