Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blackest Night Detective: GL #6-9

No, you didn't miss any installments of this series, with no detectable clues in the first few issues of the proper "Green Lantern" series, I decided not to include another post until I had found something to report.

Well, finally in the sixth issue (and final issue of Geoff Johns' first arc) we got something. By the way, CLICK HERE for the last installment, which continued looking at "Green Lantern Corps.: Recharge."

Green Lantern #6 -- It's often the case with long story arcs (and yes, despite current story conventions, I still say a non-event six-issue arc is long), the last issue will include plenty of foreshadowing. In this particular case, Black Hand makes an appearance to spout off a bunch of clues. Here's one, Black Hand to Hal Jordan: "You think you're strong. But death is stronger. It is the pure power of the far end of the emotional spectrum. The emptiness of space. The Blackest Night." If you picked up on the fact that the emotional spectrum would spawn other corps, clues from past issues, then this sentence would state the existence of the Black Lanterns, clear as day.

Later, Black Hand does some more talking: "Death has power... It's the true color of the Universe. The most wonderful color. It's M-M-My Color."

There also may have been a clue as to what will happen in "Blackest Night," unless I am forgetting a storyline I should remember. Hector Hammond is talking a little gibberish at one point here and says, "Jordan ... the time ... do you remember ... the renegade Guardian ... andddd Carol ... Carol Ferris ... Pretty little girlll ..." The only renegade Guardian I can remember is Scar, unless Hector speaks of the Zamarons. So could Hector have been seeing the future?

Green Lantern #7 -- This issue features a couple of our keywords, both in reference to Mongol (currently the acting leader of the Sinestro Corps.).

First, Mongol's sister: "He hopes to take Earth for himself. Hope is his weakness." Could the Blue Lanterns be taking the big guy down soon?

Then, Hal: "I can't let him terrorize anyone else. I can't let his name become something people fear." Clear foreshadowing that the big yellow softie would weld the yellow light.

Green Lantern #8 -- Under the influence of the Black Mercies, we get a look at Hal's would-be perfect life. Of the most interest to me? Sinestro was not only still a Green Lantern, not only still Hal's better, but he was also Hal's friend. In recent issues we've seen Hal commit to giving Sinestro a death sentence, but we see the true desire of his heart here: Hal Jordan wants to have Sinestro back on the side of good, and with the Black Lanterns' reign on the horizon, you can bet we're going to see Hal and Sinestro get that chance to team up again.

Green Lantern #9 -- At the end of this issue, Hal gives his ring to Batman and explains how he would need to embrace his pain and fear in order to use the ring to its fullest. And yes, Bruce shows he has the ability to "overcome great fear," generating an image of his parents ... but he also said he doesn't want to put his pain behind him, as he gives Hal back the ring. So what does this mean for us? Well, IF Bruce takes part in "Blackest Night," then we know he could hypothetically use a green ring. But, we also know the sight and thought of his dead parents overcomes his willpower, which would be a problem if Thomas and Martha show up all zombiefied.

Either way, that does it for me today. Remember new comics are out on THURSDAY this week due to the holiday.

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