Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blackest Night Detective: GL Rebirth 4-6

It's another installment of our series re-reading Geoff Johns' tenure (and some of the last few years of the "Green Lantern Corps") on "Green Lantern," combing the desert for clues leading up to "Blackest Night." For the previous (and first) entry, CLICK HERE.

Rebirth #4 -- Sinestro dropped a clue we should have picked up leading up to the "Sinestro Corps War," as he tells Kyle Rayner that his yellow ring taps into sentient fear.

Ganthet dropped a whopper of a clue, though, when he tells Parallax, "Emotions are more powerful than you could possibly imagine, Parallax. A creature such as yourself should know that." This wasn't only a clue that the entire emotional spectrum would be utilized by Johns in his run, but also a clue that Ganthet wasn't such an unfeeling bastard as the other Guardians, who have made it their life's work lately to suppress emotions.

Meanwhile, there was also a possible piece of foreshadowing for "Blackest Night" ... Sinestro tells Kyle, "You were never supposed to be a Green Lantern." Sure, Sinestro is the master of knowing just the right piece of trash talk to say and this was likely what he was doing in this fight scene, but you never know ... maybe Kyle ends "Blackest Night" with a different ring on his finger?

Rebirth #5 -- Hal Jordan has a quote characterizing Sinestro that has both already come to pass and could come to pass again. "Sinestro wants complete control. Over everything and everybody. And what Sinestro can't control, he destroys." This quote gets me wondering ... what if during the course of this "War of Light," Sinestro loses control of his own Corps? He's always been riding that line of pushing the GL Corps to be better and trying to kill them...

For those of you who have been anticipating a need for Hal and Sinestro to team up for the greater good, I spotted a couple of panels that should interest you. When fighting, the pair get so close that their rings touch -- and White Light emanates everywhere.

There was another set of scenes that I would bet originally were foreshadowing, but due to the current state of the DCU, none of this will likely come to pass more than it already has. Parallax, while inside of Ganthet, says in Batman's general direction, "I sense a worshipper. A Disciple." Later in the issue, Bats, clearly acting out of fear, tries to stop Hal from acting against Parallax, saying, "As long as I'm standing, you're not doing anything." But I wonder what could have been if Bruce Wayne weren't dead. May he have somehow become a Yellow Lantern (gasp!)?

Rebirth #6 -- One Ethan Van Sciver easter egg I spotted: As Parallax is being destroyed, yellow fire takes shape in the form of the Sinestro Corps. symbol.

And finally, apparently Hector Hammond spilled the beans for us all along near the end of this issue. In his one-page cameo, he has a lot to say. First he says, "I've listened to all of them across the globe. Rage. Sorrow. Depression. Fear. Though I never knew you had it in you, Mr. Rayner." Could this be an ENORMOUS clue that Kyle may become that White Lantern and not Hal?

But Hector was not finished talking. "And Captain Jordan. My precious, precious Jordan. You've found your way here. And won't it be ever so delicious and exciting when they find their way back, too." This one isn't so hard to read at this point, Mr. Hammond is clearly telling us the dead will rise pretty soon. Anyone that caught that the first time around gets a Gold Star from Brainiac-5.

P.S. Sinestro comes up a lot on spell check.

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