Monday, May 18, 2009

Blackest Night Detective: GLC Recharge #4-5

If you missed the last installment, it's at THIS LINK. Otherwise, let's jump right into it, because a MAJOR clue was on the very first page of "Green Lantern Corps.: Recharge #4"...

GLC: Recharge #4 -- One of the hunters: "The lanterns are doomed. Wherever they turn, only death waits for them in Vega!" This hunter could have been talking about the skirmish in Vega he was having with the Corps, or foreshadowing "Agent Orange," or foreshadowing "Blackest Night." a Three-fer!

Unfortunately, that's all there was to speak of in this issue, other than a little more Kyle Rayner/Sorenik interaction that may point to their eventual coupling.

That's right, I used the term "Coupling." Classier than "Hooking Up."

GLC: Recharge #5 -- Other than more anti-Vega talk, there was very little to speak of here ... which, I suppose, I should be happy about, since this probably means I'll be missing very few clues while not reading anymore GLC until the "Sinestro Corps. War."

However, there was one speech by Sorenik Natu that I did find interesting... "Oa and the corps are only wounded. Like you, they will heal. Maybe not in a few days, but soon the scars will fade. And then, like you, the corps will be stronger than ever." I only am intrigued by this speech because of inclusion of a key word of ours -- scars. As in, the evil Guardian who is helping bring "Blackest Night" along, Scar. The only difference is, clearly in Scar's case, those marks did not heal, helping push the little blue traitor over the edge. So I doubt this was meant to mean anything, but you never know.

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