Friday, May 15, 2009

Blackest Night Detective: GLC Recharge #1-3; PLUS: spoilers on a yet-to-be-mentioned Black Lantern

Although I don't have many of the pre-"Sinestro Corps. War" issues of "Green Lantern Corps.," what I do have I'll be re-reading for this little detective project. So without further ado, we dive into "Green Lantern Corps.: Recharge."

GLC Recharge #1 -- When Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner first go back to Oa, they meet other veteran lanterns and speak somewhat cryptically about the Vega System and the Controllers, something that would have pointed toward it's Orange Lantern involvement later on.

Wanting to leave the Corps. Soranik is told there are only three ways to leave: Failure (leaving), death or honorable death. Could Miss Soranik be dying before "Blackest Night" is said and done? How about this one -- a few panels later, Guy calls her "angry." Kyle quickly corrects him and says she is afraid, but when anger means so much to the Corps nowadays, you never know what could be a clue...

Another mention of the Vega system comes later when the Guardians mention a review of their pact grows necessary.

In the last page, Kilowog says "According to the Guardians, the whole damn universe is about to change." Now, I don't remember this story as well as I could, so maybe this makes sense in the context of the immediate story, but could this have been a mammoth clue for the future? And if so, I don't remember the Guardians ever acknowledging they knew the prophecy would come to pass, especially to a lantern. Oh well, guess I will read on and see what this line meant.

GLC Recharge #2 -- Nothing much of note here, other than another reminder that the Vega System is off-limits. Apparently it played a much bigger role in this storyline than I remember.

Also, another reminder which I know has been beaten to death already, Kyle "saw" his dead girlfriend Alex here, which, of course, makes me wonder if we'll be seeing her corpse in a matter of months.

GLC Recharge #3 -- This issue was also light on clues (as should really be expected out of the books only co-written by Geoff Johns), but we get a nice big chunk of the Vega System here. And while the hunters we meet live by a code of sharing their prey, one of the hunters -- Fatality -- uses one of our keywords often here when talking about wanting to kill Kyle Rayner herself: "MINE!" It's enough to make me wonder if Larfleeze isn't the only Orange Lantern we're going to meet.

On a side note, though, right after writing this post I spotted a preview look at the Superman titles for August on Newsarama, and at THIS LINK you will see a major "Blackest Night" spoiler...

You ready for this?

Sure you want to be spoiled?

"Black Lantern Alexander Luthor."

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