Friday, May 29, 2009

McDuffie off "Justice League"

Dwayne McDuffie has done some tremendous superhero work in the past, for which all of us geeks should be thankful.

His run on "Justice League of America," however, has been pretty atrocious, for a number of reasons. And while one of those reasons was an abundance of editorial-mandated crossovers slowing his ability to tell a story, that doesn't temper my enthusiasm at all today at this news:

Dwayne McDuffie has been removed as writer of "Justice League of America."

(And the peasants rejoiced)

Check out the full story, with his explanation, at THIS LINK to Newsarama.

Now all I need is for Marvel to remove Matt Fraction and Warren Ellis from its top X-Men books and I can stop crying myself to sleep.

Oh, and DC, if I can make a suggestion? Two words: Keith Giffen.

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