Thursday, May 28, 2009

This week's comic book expectations

Plenty to like this week, from a new "Green Lantern" to much more "Dark Reign." Check out the full list at THIS LINK.

However, it's late and I'm cranky. I have been all day, can't figure it out. I figure, a good night's sleep will cure my crankiness and fulfill my quota for cliches. So, we're going to do this up lightning round style.

Avengers: The Initiative #24: "Dark Reign" continues wreaking havoc on our Marvel heroes, as the Shadow Initiative is left on its own to fight off some gruesome baddies this week.

Green Lantern #41: Do I really need to sell this one to you? More on the history of the Vega system, more on Hal's Blue predicament and more from our new favorite bad guy, Larfleeze.

Guardians of the Galaxy #14: More "War of Kings" fighting, and after the throwdown we saw in the last issue of "War of Kings" proper, I'm hoping for much more on Guardian's change of heart.

Incredible Hercules #129: Hercules and Amadeus Cho head into hell. Need I repeat myself? If there's one thing you can give this series, it's originality.

Justice League of America #33: Honestly, I don't know if this book can get any worse, but we can always hope this story featuring Starbreaker sucking the life out of Doctor Light might somehow be stomachable.

Justice Society of America #27: The first issue without Geoff Johns in years, but not yet the start of a new era. Jerry Ordway will be filling in on this issue and the next before Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges kick off their run. This story will feature one of the more neglected characters of late, Obsidian.

New Avengers #53: Yes, it's been a few months, and yet the New Avengers are still searching for a new Sorcerer Supreme. Why do I feel like this is going to be anticlimactic?

Superman #688: Here's hoping James Robinson's run picks up a little speed, and judging by the solicitation, it could. Mon-El losing his powers? The Science Police helping out the Legion of Superheroes? Sounds promising.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #6: Not a hoax! Not a dream! Not an illusion! This issue actually exists! How many years has this mini been in the works?

Wonder Woman #32: Just two issues left in the "Rise of the Olympian" arc, and something tells me this story will change things for Princess Diana in a big way.

X-Force #15: "Messiah War" rolls on as Cable and company are in deep trouble. Stryfe is about to learn exactly why Hope (who thinks Stryfe is Cable himself) is so special, Bishop is about to go nuclear, and Archangel is never in good shape when Apocalypse is around. I'm looking for a big twist in this issue.

X-Men: Legacy #224: The final issue of the current "Salvage" arc also looks to be the final issue of Mike Carey's current direction on the book. Look for the whole Professor X chapter to close here and an all-new team to emerge at the end of this one.

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