Saturday, February 9, 2008

DC announces "Trinity" weekly

It's official. After weeks of speculation, DC announced that their next weekly project following "Countdown" will be a Superman-Batman-Wonder Woman story called "Trinity."

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Personally, I'm torn on this. On the one hand, I'm kind of sick of DC forcing this "big three" down our throats. It seems like everything, lately, has to revolve around them in some way, even though DC's biggest hits in the past two years ("52," "Justice Society," "Checkmate," "Green Lantern") has excluded them (not counting Justice League). And speaking of Justice League, don't we get enough of those three in that book?

I would be more than happy to let Clark Diana and Bruce have this weekly book, if it means they take a hike from the Justice League. I'm more of a Booster and Beetle leaguer, anyway. That was an era that featured Bruce as too busy to be in the league, Clark as too individual to be included, and Diana joined but was too unsure of herself to lead. And the league really didn't NEED them. Neither did the DC Universe.

So I sure sound ready to not pick this book up, right?

Wrong. I'm intrigued. We may be seeing too much of this "Trinity" lately, but the fact is that DC is going to want to support their Golden Children with the best storylines possible. And the talent they brought in to do this, Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley, are dynamite choices.

So, the first issue is set to come out in June. We all have plenty of time to decide to save 52 weeks of $3.00 per, or take the plunge.

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