Sunday, February 24, 2008

Free XNA games available — until Tuesday

Don't miss your chance in the next couple of days to sign on to Xbox Live and download the "XNA Creators Club Game Launcher." Microsoft is only allowing users to download the "Game Launcher" until Tuesday, and you will need to download it before you can play any of the FREE XNA games Microsoft is offering.

Just in case you missed the original news, as part of the new XNA user-created games initiative that will kick off in a few months, Microsoft uploaded SEVEN FREE XNA games to Xbox Live that you can download and play until March 9 — but you'll need to download the "Game Launcher" first. SO DOWNLOAD BY TUESDAY!

And let me tell you folks, I was skeptical about the kinds of games I would see available — after all, an amateur game is an amateur game, even if you're using the XNA software, right?

Wrong. Some of these games are pretty darned good, and most are more original than anything you're going to find behind a plastic case at Wal-Mart. The only game I've really played a lot of so far is "Dishwasher" (a 2-D game in which you are a samurai dishwasher who has to chop up an INSANE amount of bad guys) — and I love the game. Picture "Viewtiful Joe" with more blood.

In Saturday's Gaming page, I am likely going to have a full review on all the games, which you should try and which you shouldn't. Until then, make sure to DOWNLOAD the GAME LAUNCHER BY TUESDAY so you can enjoy these games like I am.

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