Friday, February 15, 2008

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Umm... yeah... apparentlty "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith," is coming out in June.

The game will not only be a "Guitar Hero" game, but also a role-playing game, as you ride the band's road to the top. I'm hoping they show the part where Aerosmith guest-starred on "Wayne's World," that was hilarious. We'll have a full story in Saturday's Gaming page.

But, am I the only one who think we've had just about enough of the same game? Granted, this one adds a certain RPG aspect to the mix, but after "Guitar Hero," "Guitar Hero 2," "Guitar Hero 3," and "Rock Band," do we really need yet another rhythm music game? And one that has only one band's songs, no less?

Maybe it's just that this game was dirt cheap to produce given it looks like it just uses the same old "Guitar Hero 3" programming, but is there really THAT BIG of a Market for this game?

Maybe I'm just an old fart who spends too much time with a DS and not enough time with an axe. All I know is, I aint' buyin'!

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Travis Miller said...

Yeah, I don't know about this game. I like a little variety in my Guitar Hero--it enables me to play for hours on end. Nonstop Steven Tyler would force me to quit after about three songs.