Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spore on DS

I warned you all that I would be picking and choosing which of the MOUNTAIN of GDC 2008 info I make mention of, and since I am on a major Nintendo DS kick of late, I wanted to pass along THIS LINK. has a look at the DS verison of Will Wright's "Spore," and the handheld version looks to be everything we could have asked for.

A much smaller-scale game than the impending PC Goliath, in "Spore: Creatures" you play as a singular tiny little creature making his way across the wilderness of one very crazy planet. It's kind of like Lemmywinks... you know, the South Park hamster who ventured into that guy's you-know-what. OK, it's a lot cleaner than Lemmywinks...

Anywho, you venture across the planet, fighting some creatures along the way and befriending others. And, in a very Legend of Zelda-sounding way, when you accomplish certain tasks, you evolve into a higher-level creature.

As I said, I am STOKED for this game, supposedly dropping in September. I think it will be closer to December, given "Spore's" inability to hit its target dates, but as along as it is out in the next 12 months I'll be happy.

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