Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Buy Pile Report: Messiah CompleX

So, the X-Men's "Messiah CompleX" event has ended today with X-Men #207, and I am not amused.

This was supposed to be the event that conjures the ghosts of crossovers past. Marvel's X-Offices were talking about this event in the same breath as "X-tinction Agenda," "X-ecutioners Song" and "Inferno."

Well, I beg to differ.

Those events took story arcs that had been building for years and ended them in a blaze of glory.

"Messiah CompleX" took a couple of ideas that have been building, but didn't end them at all. Instead, it spins the event into other newer books.

Now we have the next X-Men event/imprint called "Divided we Stand," which includes a new direction for "Uncanny X-Men," a new direction for "X-Factor," "X-Force," "Cable," "X-Men Legacy" and "Young X-Men."

"Cable," X-Men Legacy," and "X-Force" are all entirely new ideas born out of "Messiah CompleX."

And why do we need all these new books, you ask? Because the finale of "Messiah CompleX" didn't answer a damn thing!!!

Question #1: Who is the baby? Answer: We don't know, but speculation that it is Jean is fueled a bit, read "Cable."
Question #2: How will Cyclops stop Cable from taking the child? Answer: Scott has a random change of heart and gives the baby to him, after all that fighting.
Question #3: What will happen to Bishop? Answer: Well, he gets his head bitten by Predator X, but he lives, and might now still be alive after doing a bad bad thing (no spoilers here yet!).
Question #4: What will happen to Layla? Answer: Read "X-Factor" and find out!
Question #5: When the hell will Marvel fire Chris Bachalo? Answer: They better do it now, because his art was HORRIBLE in this issue.

There were no definitive answers at all in this book, which will forever make it simply wasted money.

I will sum up this event right here and now, to save you hours of reading. 1) a baby is born that might cause a mutant utopia or doom mutant kind forever. 2) There is a race to get the baby. 3) There is a fight over the baby. 4) The baby is taken into the future, presumably not impacting the Marvel Universe for a while.

Decompressed storytelling, thy name is "Messiah CompleX."

And what I want to know is, if this baby is being taken into the future to grow up safely, then why can't we get the fully-grown girl back into present continuity immediately?!? That would have at least made for a fun new twist in this post-"Messiah CompleX" world. But no.

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