Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Year end comic sales numbers

OK, normally I don't post sales numbers from video games or comic books, since normally I could give a darn.

But, THIS LINK to Diamond's yearly sales numbers caught my eye.

Obviously, you can see in this Newsarama story that Marvel dominated this top 100 list, with DC taking just 19 of the 100 spots and Marvel taking a whopping 75.

But, here's what really caught my eye...

DC's first book came in at #13, Justice League of America #7. Their second was #27, Justice League of America #12. DC's first non-JLA book doesn't show up until #64, All-Star Batman & Boy Wonder #5.


Further, Another JLA book shows up below that (the lone one on this list not written by Brad Meltzer), in addition to Justice #12 and the two Justice Society books that crossed over with JLA.

So, apparently without Brad Meltzer, DC would have taken even more of a bath on this year. Do I think this is right? No, of course not, because plenty of the Green Lantern books and JSA's and Booster Gold's belong on this list too, if consumers had taste.

But, since this is the sad truth, DC had better think long and hard about who they really want driving the bus on their top-selling franchise.

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