Friday, January 18, 2008

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You know how I was looking forward to Booster Gold #6's return of Ted Kord? Well, I wasn't disappointed. Ted is back (even though it's likely not for long) and, except for how shady future-Beetle is acting, it was a delightfully predictable issue.

In fact, it was the only thing predictable that I read this week

New X-Men #46 marked the penultimate installment of the "Messiah Complex" storyline... and I'm just not there with it. Sure, there were a couple of twists along the way (first Cable seemed bad, then Bishop seemed bad, then we took a trip to the future) ... but not too much has happened, outside of a giant group of mutants clashing on Muir Island -- oh, and Predator X was there too.

I want some answers, and fast. It all just feels so half-assed right now, a bunch of decent ideas (except for Predator X) all tossed together and sold as a whole story. I don't even truly feel like this battle is as enormous as it is made out to be, because the art has been horrendous. And I really don't yet see how all these writers were claiming this crossover would re-establish my boy Cyclops. A great last issue can definitely save "Messiah Complex" for me... but I don't quite see it happening.

Justice League #17 was surprising too -- and in a good way. One of the few interesting things to happen thus far in the endless string of "Countdown" crossovers has been "Salvation Run," so I don't mind at all that the Justice League is sticking their noses into it. In fact, I am now dying to see how Batman goes after Amanda Waller. As long as DC has given Alan Burnett enough jurisdiction to tell a story with DC-wide repercussions, this arc should be promising. And, if you are reading "Salvation Run," then you really should pick this book up.

And, for as much as I don't like Dwayne McDuffie's work, I have to admit that the Vixen backup story has me intrigued. I mean, damn, she is using Green Lantern power with no ring, how can you not be intrigued??? Of course, my opinion of McDuffie's work has always been grand ideas with no ability to fully realize them -- so hopefully he can break that mold.

By the way, Countdown #15 was surprising too. And yes, it did suck. But what surprised me was that, despite the suck (the fact that Val Armorr makes an appearance, the misleading cover, the lack of any illustration in the war between the Monitors and Monarch's Army), despite the suck, there were still enough good parts (Jason Todd, Donna Troy's fanboyish punchout, Mary Marvel on Paradise Island, Ray Palmer) to make me look forward to next week's issue. Three months from a climax, after all!

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