Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Gaming Geek Christmas

So, while I was on sabbatical (I'm calling it a sabbatical since I don't want to admit to just being damn lazy), the holidays happened. And yours truly doesn't just celebrate Christmas, he loves it like a newborn puppy.

And, of the many video games exchanged during the holiday (12 games in all among the three gamers in my family, not to mention the DS I bought for the Li'l Sis), there was one in particular I wanted to make mention of here.

And no, I'm not going to talk about the joys of Curling on Wii's new "Winter Sports" game.

The game that was actually enjoyed most by my family was "Smarty Pants," the first true trivia title for Wii.

It's not the most polished game you can ask for, with no Mario Party-esque game board or cartoony game show presentation, but the trivia itself is the perfect mix of easy first-to-buzz-gets-it questions and more difficult you-gotta-know-your-stuff questions.

All in all it made for 3 hours of cut-throat trivia between my siblings and soon-to-join-through-marriage family members. And, not that I really need to brag about it, but I did win four of the five games.

Honestly, "Smarty Pants" is a fantastic addition to the Wii's library of party games, and can be found for as cheap as $30 at this point. It sure beats some other Wii titles — "Game Party," that means you!

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Phil Strum said...

You? Curling? No way?

Welcome back to the blogosphere. You've been missed.

Plus I have seen you like once since Thanksgiving.