Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Debut of new X-Play

So, I don't think I've made any secret of my nerd-love of Morgan Webb or my guy-love of Adam Sessler. Ever since discovering Tech TV back in my sophomore year of college, I've been watching the dynamic duo of gaming deliver on-target, unbiased reviews with a humor normally lacking in the genre.

I've watched as Adam escorted his fish-friend around San Francisco and hated on Aquaman. I've watched Morgan chew out an intern for not saving after leveling up on Final Fantasy. I've even watched both of them perform in that horrible but hilarious X-Play Musical.

So, when I learned the show would be drastically changing its format, I was curious, but concerned. Not too much that G4 has changed about old-school Tech TV since the merger 4 years ago has been a change for the better. I still prefer "The Screen Savers" to "Attack of the Show" and still prefer "Call for Help" to anything else G4 has provided.

Still, I have to admit that the first episode of this new, live, five-day format was not too shabby. Clearly, there is a learning curve here, because transitions from one segment to the next were very choppy. And, we didn't exactly see any reviews.

But remember that this is not the time of the year when many new games are coming out, let alone worth reviewing. Also, remember that in the past, we only received three episodes a week, with new episodes for maybe 30 weeks out of the year. In this new format, we're bound to see less reviews per show, but I am guessing it will all even out.

And many of my fears for this new format were certainly alleviated after the "Mass Effect"/"The Office" spoof. It told me that we're still going to get much of the old humor we've come to know and love from the show -- even if its not as campy as it used to be (I miss the fat Canadian!).

All in all, I'm not sold on this new format just yet, but I have a very open mind to see how good this show can now become.

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