Saturday, January 12, 2008

Buy Pile Report

Yes, the Report is a little late this week... OK, a lot late. And, frankly I have no good excuse. So take it or leave it, haha.

And that marks the first time in the history of this blog that I have resorted to the use of typing "haha." I won't go into what I really wanted to type, haha.

There I go again, damnit.

Anyway, Despite all the hubub surrounding 'Brand New Day," Tomasi on Nightwing and the newer, redder Hulk, it was a light week for me. Don't get me wrong, this was a real deep week, but plenty of the books that intrigued me (The Twelve #1, Nightwing #140) is the stuff that'll I'll buy and read as a TPB if I hear it was any good. Maybe that's why I've been so lackadaisical putting up this post? Who knows.

Anyway, Green Lantern Corps. #20 led my list this week, and while it was good and while it does setup what promises to be a killer Mongul storyline (which we have to wait three issues for), this book was mostly a very solid character driven issue examining Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner's current mental states and their future plans. While not the most exciting book of all time, it is a welcome respite from the hectic war that we just witnessed. And for someone who grew up reading Guy Gardner in the old Justice League International days, it's always interesting to read an older, more mellow Guy.

Salvation Run #3 also did not fail to disappoint, with two factions of villains splitting off, one led by Joker and one led by Lex Luthor. This book is nothing but entertainment, especially when you consider that, even Joker is not dumb enough to decide to go off on his own instead of help Luthor try to escape the planet, but it is so entertaining you really don't care. This mini is three issues in and four to go, there is still time to jump on board!

Finally, X-Factor #27. More and more, I don't know what to think of "Messiah Complex." I'm still digging it, but this issue, once again, got deeper and deeper into the idea of the future people knowing what needs to happen regarding this baby. And it just isn't working for me. For one, Bishop's future was supposed to have been erased, and even if it wasn't, we're supposed to believe he went this entire time since "M-Day" without telling anyone something was going to happen? And Cable, his future was just so much different than Bishops, how could he too know all about what has to happen with this kid? Oh, and on an unrelated note from the Future -- what the heck is "Predator X's" role in all of this? I am quickly losing faith in this event having an acceptable resolution.

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