Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Buy Pile Report: Action Comics

Sometimes a great comic book isn't necessarily a well-written story. I'm sure the fanboys out there and the Geoff Johns haters are going to find plenty to nitpick at Action Comics #869. For one, Superman turns his back on Brainiac way too early. For two, the citizens of Metropolis beat up on Brainiac androids with tables and fire extinguishers, where Kara is having difficulties. For three, Brainiac just sniffs of a super-powered Lex Luthor.

I don't care. This comic just dropped my jaw.

I won't spoil exactly what happens here, but Kara's whole character is suddenly completely different. Yes, I know, the whole 1,000 Kryptonians thing was going to change her anyway, but there is no way she is the same after this. Also, while the battle may be escalating in a predictable manner, that predictable story has always been a great concept. I cannot wait to see how Clark and Kara handle this situation.

Oh, and the art is once again peerless. I never want to read another Superman comic drawn by anyone but Gray Frank. I know I'm going to have to, but I don't want to.

Anyway, this was only the first comic I've read all week, but I'm already naming it the week's best.

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